White House and Congress struggle with border crisis

(AP Photo/Los Angeles Times, Rick Loomis, Pool)

NEW YORK (CNN) – Even with thousands of migrant children still in limbo after flooding into the U.S. from Central America, the white house and congress are hardly bordering on a solution.

“This is a problem of the president’s own making,” said House Speaker John Boehner

House speaker John Boehner said democrats won’t get 3.7 billion dollars in emergency funding for the border crisis unless republicans can tweak a loophole in the law that offers the unaccompanied minors an enticement of special legal status.

“We’ve got a president who’s awol. And the president ought to get engage in this if he actually wants something to happen,” Speaker Boehner continued.

A new CNN/ORC poll finds the public clamoring for change with 74 percent saying it’s extremely or very important for the U.S. to deal with illegal immigration, a ten point jump over last year.

“We must pass the president’s request supplemental bill,” said House Minority leader Nancy Pelosi said.

Central American leaders are in Washington asking for help.  An untold number of their children are being abused on their long journey north as the president of Honduras told CNN’s Christianne Amanpour.

“Young girls, 13-year-olds.  The coyotes are human smugglers.  Give them birth control pills because most of them are going to be sexually abused,” said Honudran president Juan Orlando Hernandez.

Texas governor Rick Perry is calling for the National Guard to be deployed on the border, “I will not stand idly by while our citizens are under assault and little children from central america are detained in squalor. We’re too good a country for that to occur.”

The white house first dubbed Perry’s request “symbolic” noting apprehensions of unaccompanied minors are down by half since last month.

“It seems to me that a much more powerful symbol would be the bipartisan passage of legislation that would actually make a historic investment in border security and send an additional 20,000 personnel to the border,” said White House Press secretary Josh Earnest.

Now it turns out the Obama administration has its own team on the ground, on the border, assessing whether a National Guard deployment might be a good idea after all.

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