New initiative is cleaning up Springfield

76 ordinance violations were issued by police Friday

Image Courtesy: Office of Mayor Domenic Sarno

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Springfield residents described the piles of junk that used to consume their neighborhood as “bottles, trash, newspapers, clothes, furniture.” Items residents used to see dumped in front yards, on sidewalks, and into streets

Arsenio Cuffie of Springfield told 22News, “Since I’ve been a little kid I used to see dirty needles, broken bottles, mattresses, refrigerators, and stoves; all that in the park, on the ground, and everything. Now, you don’t see that because they keep it clean, I guess people care now.”

Springfield’s Ordinance and K9 Units teamed up to tackle trash violations near Mason Square, carving out new standards for the City’s troubled areas, and the cleanup came at a cost to those who violated city codes.

By the end of the cleanup, the officers tallied a total of 76 ordinance violations for issues like trash and trash barrels left out in the streets.

The “quality of life benchmark,” introduced by Mayor Domenic Sarno, aims to fix properties and eliminate neighborhood issues.

One local resident, Keyla Alejandro, told 22News she thinks the initiative has made a big impact. “No one’s put their furniture out in front of their houses no more, so it’s a little bit better.”

Ordinance violations were also issued for unregistered cars, mattresses in the streets, and illegal parking. Next week, the Ordinance Squad will focus on cleaning up the North End.

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