How important is it to recycle?

Only 25% of bottles in Mass. get recycled

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – In Massachusetts, 1.5 billion bottles of water and other non-carbonated beverages can be recycled, but a state law that restricts those items from redemption may be the reason why only 25 percent are recycled.

What’s left of those bottles ends up in the trash, and can have devastating effects on the environment. An employee from Bay State Bottle and Can Return in Springfield says he’s seen first hand how many people just throw those bottles out.

Al Nguyen said, “I see hundreds of thousands of water bottles just in the trash can every day here, and even though we don’t get profit for it we still recycle them.”

A question on November’s ballot will ask residence to vote “Yes” or “No” about whether they want non-carbonated beverages in the bottle bill.

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