Goliath grouper back on the menu?

goliath grouper

(WPTV) – State fishing survey groups decided Thursday that they will start a survey to estimate the number of Goliath grouper fish currently swimming in the reefs surrounding Florida.

The decision comes after months of debate on whether to remove the protection set in place for the massive fish in 1990.

The fish is listed as “critically endangered” by the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

Some anglers and spear fishermen feel the population of the fish has grown rapidly and the fish is starting to eat the smaller fish they count on for business.

Supporters of protecting the fish do not see the need at all for the fish to be hunted.

“It’s just like all of a sudden, you look up and here’s this lumbering dark-colored Volkswagen going by,” said Tim Sterns, a scuba diver who traveled from Michigan to Jupiter to see the Goliath grouper.

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