Feud between neighbors gets noisy

Music could be heard more than 100 yards away from the house

WESTFIELD, Mass. (WESTFIELD NEWS) – A City man has been charged after apparently intentionally annoying his neighbors.

Officer Sean Smith responded to a noise complaint on Crown Street at 9:33 p.m. Thursday and reports that when he arrived he could hear loud music from Notre Dame Street when he was still more than 100 yards away from the source of the sound.

When he arrived at the site of the music, 10 Crown St., he observed that stereo speakers had been set up in a window and a male party was on the porch.

Smith saw the man go inside as he approached and reports that he thought the man was going inside to turn off the music but the noise continued and the man did not return.

The officer reports that, after knocking on the door, the man responded and, when told to turn off the music, complied.

When Smith subsequently spoke with the man he insisted that the city’s noise ordinance did not apply before 10 p.m. and Smith pointed out the statute prohibiting disturbing the peace is in force 24 hours a day.

Smith noted that the man appears to be feuding with his neighbors and had placed his stereo speakers in his windows intentionally to annoy them. Smith reports that a criminal complaint was filed.

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