Error could result in loss of financial aid for students

System error wrongfully declared some applicants eligible

Photo Courtesy: MGNonline

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – If there’s a student in your home who will rely on federal aid for the coming school year, you’ll want to hear about this. A system error could take those funds away.

Earlier this year there was a change made to a ‘Free Application for Federal Student Aid,’ or FAFSA form online, creating a space to enter income. Many students added a decimal point and cents to the figure which the system didn’t process.

That means some students were awarded aid when they weren’t actually eligible and some students who deserve aid were denied.

Bryan Gross, VP of Enrollment Management at Western New England University told 22News, “Sometimes we find families who have already had children go through the process feel they’re more expert. The form is constantly changing; the rules and regulations are constantly changing. There’s always opportunity for reeducation and we are happy to do that.”

The Department of Education said fewer than 200-thousand applicants were declared eligible when they actually are not. Some of those students have been identified, but data checks are still going on.

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