Decision still to be made on sales tax free weekend

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – State lawmakers will break for the Summer on July 31st. The Massachusetts sales tax free weekend has been rolled into a jobs bill that hasn’t been voted on. A majority of lawmakers support it, but when will it happend?

The Senate wants it to be August 9th and 10th. The house says August 16th & 17th. Either way, shoppers like Lynda Pickborn of South Hadley are ready to save 6.25%

“Were looking for rugs today so yeah that would be a good thing to take advantage of,” said Pickborn.

Retailers like Fly By Night furniture in Northampton are ready too. “The state always makes it a little hard because they always wait until the last second for it. But you kinda know its coming and you can plan around it. We’re excited and people know about it because its been happening for so long and they take advantage of it,” said Sam Stauder, the Operations Manager at Fly By Night

Some shoppers who plan on taking advantage of the sales tax free weekend told 22News they save up all year and then spend it all on one single big purchase.

“Sometimes the stores also have another discount on top of the tax incentive so that’s good. But this year I’m going to buy a buffet cabinet that costs like $800,” said Kim Canuel of Greenfield.

However, other shoppers like Preston Smith of South Hadley told 22News it’s not something they plan their life around.

“I don’t always know when it’s going to happen and I suppose it hasn’t been designated but we don’t save up for that weekend. But when it happens it’s a nice surprise.”

Supporters say the weekend boosts sales during a typically slow time. Opponents say it only postpones purchases, and does nothing for the economy.

Last year, the state lost an estimated $24.6 million dollars in sales tax revenue during the sales tax free weekend.

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