Berkshire Gas is warning customers of a phone scheme

The caller claims your account is overdue

PITTSFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Berkshire Gas has received reports of a phone scheme asking customers to give payments and their credit card information over the phone.

According to Chris Farrell of Berkshire Gas, several business customers have reported getting fraudulent phone calls looking for “immediate” payment of their Berkshire Gas accounts by credit card. The caller claims your account is overdue.

The caller ID on some of the calls showed the number 617-419-5406. Berkshire Gas has reported this to the Mass. State Police, the Attorney General’s Office and the Department of Public Utilities.

Anyone who receives these types of calls should be aware because Berkshire Gas never calls for the immediate payment of overdue accounts by credit card, or any other method, over the phone. If you get a call, you are asked to contact the customer information center at 1-800-292-5012 to report it.

Farrel added that if a customer ever doubts the authenticity of any call they receive from Berkshire Gas, they should hang up and call the customer information center to verify that the call was actually form Berkshire Gas, or one of its authorized representatives.

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