Storms expose damage inside trees

LONGMEADOW, Mass. (WWLP) – Trees that may look healthy on the outside aren’t always that way, and severe thunderstorms can serve as a painful reminder of this fact to homeowners. During Wednesday night’s storms, a massive branch from a 150 year-old maple tree came down outside a home on Route 5 in Longmeadow.

Donald Pease, a master arborist for Northern Tree Services, told 22News that had the tree been in good shape, it would have survived. Now, not only will the fallen branch have to be removed, but the whole tree will have to be taken down.

Pease said that homeowners just don’t realize how weak and corroded their trees may be. A professional eye is sometimes needed, as the trees may have green leaves, but a strong gust of wind can expose the damage on the inside.

“We also have tools like a risograph to determine how much decay is in these trees, whether they should be removed or not,” Pease said.

He added that it frequently takes a summer storm to separate the healthy trees from those which can’t stand up to severe wind.

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