Postal delivery times are getting later and later

NEW YORK (CNN) – Have you been getting your mail in the dark?  It’s supposed to be in your mail box before 5pm, but cost-cutting measures have been pushing mail delivery later.

A new report by the U.S. Postal service finds mail carriers in cities are now delivering in the evening two days a week or more. And some urban areas even see delivery after 5pm 70% of the time.

Nationwide, mail in cities was delivered late about 38% of the time last year, compared to 25% back in 2011. The post office inspector general says a shrinking workforce is the reason.

The postal workforce is at its lowest level since the 1960s and fewer workers means longer routes. Getting your mail late might be a pain for you, but for carriers it can be downright dangerous.

The postal service says late delivery is a real safety concern. Its inspector general is recommending better planning and supervision to help cut down on evening delivery.

It also says brighter colored, reflective clothing could also help ease safety risks, as well as safety training and realigning some routes.

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