Digital Detox: Creating Tech-Free Zones

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal) – Finding a moment to unplug from digital devices is like going to the gym-unless you schedule it, it may never happen. Our willpower works likes a muscle that is constantly getting fatigued by the tempting nature of constantly consuming Instagram photos, Twitter feeds, and Facebook updates. But what can you do to detox from your digital life? Tech Expert David Ryan Polgar from told us why creating tech-free zones can help.

Establish daily tech-free times
Pick a time, or times, each day where you will not be online or on your smartphone. For many people, establishing a Shut Down time at night is similar to business hours-your digital life is closed for the night and you now focus on your analog life.

Tech-Free Lunchtime
Many workers feel a sense of information overload and a lack of true solitude when they can think deeply instead of respond shallowly.

Avoid heavy tech-use before bed
The blue light emitted from a screen has been shown to promote wakefulness, the opposite of what you need preparing for bedtime. Try swapping your ebook for a good old-fashioned paperback when reading at night.

Create Zen Zones
You need to establish your Zen Zones, areas in your house that are without the distracting buzz and tempting time-suck that is associated with social media. The is especially relevant for families that would like to ensure that when they are together, they are together (instead of being “alone together).

The two most popular spots to establish as Zen Zones are the bedroom and the dinner table. Instead of telling people to put away the phone during a meal, it is much easier to firmly establish that area as tech-free.

A recent European study look at the level of conversation had when a smartphone was merely on the table, and found that people are less likely to get into deep conversation if they feel like they can be easily interrupted.

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