Blandford resident missing

Milton Eldredge
Milton Eldredge (Photo Credit: The Westfield News)

WESTFIELD, Mass. (The Westfield News) – A Blandford woman who has been looking for her domestic partner for more than a month has been buoyed by a reported sighting of the man at a city supermarket but is still no closer to her hoped for reunion with the man.

Karen Buchinsky of Blandford said that her partner, Milton Eldredge, 59, had been very depressed when he left their home June 21 after an argument and she has not seen him since.“He just left instead of talking about it,” she said. “I thought he’d come back but he didn’t.”

Buchinsky said that she expected to see him again soon since “he’s got no place to go” but he did not return and she started looking for him. She said that Eldredge’s three daughters are also concerned and have been helping her search for their father. Buchinsky said that she reported him to be missing at the State Police barracks in Russell and said that after he left she and his daughters checked with everyone they could think of looking for him but didn’t get a nibble.

“He doesn’t go anywhere because he’s very depressed,” she said and said that although he is a licensed driver he has not had a vehicle since he gave his car to one of his daughters.

She said that his daughters, two of whom live in the Commonwealth while the third lives in North Carolina, and his granddaughter, are searching for their father via social networking sites and by telephone. She said that one of the daughters, who lives in Ware but works in Northampton, is looking for her father in that city since he once lived there. He is computer savvy, she said, but said he has no device to access the Internet saying “I think all he took was his wallet and the clothes he was wearing. I spend my time going around putting up posters”, Buchinsky said. “I thought he was dead.”

She said that her hopes were revived when she received a response from a man who said that he had seen her missing man in a local supermarket and recognized him from a poster. Buchinsky said that when she went back to the Stop and Shop store where he had been reportedly seen, a man she met there said that he too had seen him in the store a few weeks previously.

She said that she also reported him missing to the Westfield police.

Buchinsky said that Eldredge is of average height and weight with long blond hair which he wears in “a curly beautiful ponytail.” She said that he has blue eyes and a crescent moon tattoo on his left forearm just above his wrist.

He is a “soft spoken good hearted man”, she said who is “really good with dogs.”

“Milton is a good and kind, generous, sweet person, who is very depressed,” she said. “His dogs miss him, too.”

Anyone who encounters Eldredge is asked to call Westfield Police (413) 562-5411 or State Police (413) 862-4511.

Media Credit: The Westfield News

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