You’re never too old to have a roommate

Many have a roommate for companionship

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – Now, more than ever, thousands of aging Americans who live alone are participating in home-sharing programs. 22News went to the Hampden County Senior Center to find out why they think this is beneficial.

First, living with a roommate gives them peace of mind that someone will be there should they have a medical emergency.

Second, it makes them happier; they have a companion to talk to and someone to share meals and experiences with.

We spoke with one man who said since his wife died, he’s tried to avoid loneliness by coming down to the Senior Center to play games with others.

Richard Thayer of Hadley said, “I play cribbage twice a week. That’s part of my social network, you know? Get out and meet people.”

“No reason not to if you want to get together with somebody, and share expenses, and have somebody to fight with,” said Bill Kaiser of Northampton

Home-sharing agencies said they’ve found the most common circumstance is an aging widow living in her lifelong home, who has extra bedrooms for others to stay in.

Through these programs, people are able to stay part of their community, and split the cost of living alone.

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