Take a minute to teach kids about safety!

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal) – Each and every minute can be an opportunity to teach your kids something, even about safety! Dr. Connie Hebert is the author of “The Teachable Minute: The Secret to Raising Smart & Appreciative Kids”  and she joined us to share how every minute can be a chance for kids to learn something new!

Locations to teach safety:

Show kids how to make a mud pie.
Ask questions about who lives in the sea
Teach creativity at the beach. What can you build out of sand?

Show them how to make the swing go higher using their legs
Ask questions to help them solve problems: “How can you go faster on the slide?”
Teach them how to look up and watch their step when climbing.

Show them as many names of stores as you can.
Ask questions like, “Why can’t we run in the mall?”
Teach them how to put things back on the shelves after they look at things in the stores.


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