Saving money on your summer energy bill

Running your air conditioner can account for about 43 percent of your energy bill.

AGAWAM, Mass. (WWLP) –  Over the last couple of days we’ve been dealing with the summer heat and humidity. Temperatures have been up near 90 degrees.

Many of us have been running our air conditioners all day and night to stay cool but that can lead to a huge increase in your energy bill.

There are some things you can do to your air conditioner to help you save money. 

“You need to check your filter probably at least once a month and then when you install your air conditioner you need to insure that all the openings are sealed all around the unit,” said Bruce Drewniany the manager of Rocky’s Ace Hardware in Agawam.

You can buy foam to put around the air conditioner to keep the outside air from coming in.

There are also air conditioners with thermostats so you can set a temperature and the air conditioner will turn off at that temperature and then turn back on when it starts to get warm again.

Some people 22News talked to, do what they can to try and save money. 

“Outside of the normal, keep the shades down pay attention to your thermostat and stay cool,” said Bart Camossi of West Springfield.

But some people are willing to pay what ever it costs to stay cool.

“I really don’t. I just kinda let it run try and keep it as cool as I can. My wife tries to lower it and I try and raise it so. I just like to sit there and sty nice an cool,” said Bob Eggleston of Agawam.

By changing the filters in your air conditioner and by sealing leaks you can reduce energy use by 20 percent. 

Your air conditioner can account for approximately 43 percent of your energy bill.

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