Study: Many lotto winners would keep working

If you hit the jackpot, would you go back to work tomorrow?

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – It’s something we’ve all dreamed about at some point in our lives – what it would be like to pick or scratch those lucky numbers and take home the jackpot. Most of those daydreams are about what we would buy, where we would travel, and with whom we would share. But what about your job? A little more than half of workers claim they’d continue working.

“I would work. I suppose less probably, but overall yeah I would keep working. I don’t think it’ll last forever. You get a little crazy if you had big money. Everybody wants something,” said Lori Santy from Chicopee.

Aside from financial security, there were other top reasons workers would choose to remain employed: they’d be bored if they didn’t, their work provides a sense of purpose and accomplishment, or they’d miss their coworkers.

One Chicopee man told 22News he’d probably take some nice vacations, but it’s important to him to continue the tradition of his family’s furniture business.

“I’d probably still work since it’s a family business. It’s been around since 1919. I’ve been there since I was a kid. I used to have a play pen in the back when I was younger. I know the ins and outs,” said Andrew Boryczka of Borys Furniture in Chicopee.

For those hypothetical lotto winners who would choose to continue earning a paycheck, it’s not necessarily the same gig. Just 30% of workers say they’d hold on to their current positions.

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