Local lawmaker wants to tax medical marijuana

A dispensary was approved for Northampton

Photo: Thinkstock

BOSTON (WWLP) – It’s still early in the game, but the City of Franklin could soon see a marijuana growing facility and they want to place a local sales tax on the drug.

New England Treatment Access could soon be opening a medical marijuana growing facility in Franklin. The company would provide the drug to a Northampton dispensary, if one passes the licensing process.

Franklin State Representative Jeff Roy believes the city should establish a 5-percent sales tax on medical marijuana leaving that facility to benefit the people of Franklin.

“This will allow the community to gain some revenue if they need to enhance public safety in that area and also use for other town revenues: roads, bridges, public safety, schools,” said Rep. Roy.

There are many concerns, including whether medicine should be subject to tax. The medical marijuana dispensary would likely foot the bill which means buying the drug could be more expensive for you.

Since no license has been officially granted, this is likely an issue that would be tackled in the next legislative session that begins in January.

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