Kid banned from doughnut shop due to rudeness

MONROE, Conn. (WFSB) – A young boy in Monroe, Connecticut was banned from his favorite doughnut shop because of a question he asked.

“You see this beetle right here, I wonder what he eats. I know bugs fly with their wings, but what moves their wings,” said Justin Otero.

As you can see from our brief interaction with four year old Justin Otero, he’s a curious guy. But his curiosity got him in some hot water at the Doughnut Inn on Monroe’s main street over the weekend. This is what he asked a woman,  “There was a customer there, and he asked her if she had a baby in her belly. She said no, he said I’m sorry.”

“It looked like she was pregnant and I asked her if she was pregnant,” Otero said.

Justin’s mom was mortified, “My response was oh my goodness, I’m so embarrassed, I’m so sorry.

But they say thankfully, the woman shrugged it off, she said no problem, I get it all the time with the kids at nursery school.

But the managers at Doughnut Inn weren’t as forgiving, because when Rebecca and Justin walked in this morning, the longtime daily customers were allegedly told to leave.

“She said he’s not allowed in here, and I looked around, and said, him? And she said yeah, he’s rude,” said Rebecca Denham.

After Rebecca explained this to Justin, and she says he gets it, sort of but true to form, he’s still asking questions.

Somebody got mad because, he’s really not very nice.

We tried to get answers, but the manager and owner at Doughnut Inn had no comment. Now, the mother and son are planning to take their business elsewhere while using this as a learning lesson for the four year old.

“Some people, unfortunately are quick to pass judgment, and therefore we will take our money and business elsewhere,” Rebecca Denham said.

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