How to properly measure medicine doses

Many medications are based on the weight of the child.

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Spoons come in all shapes and sizes, and create all different measurements. That’s why giving kids medicine safely can be complicated.

A new study found about 40 percent of parents made dosing errors, especially when using teaspoons or tablespoons to measure liquid medicine.

Doctors say too much or too little of certain medications can cause serious side effects. “I think one of the most common misconceptions is that Tylenol is a safe medicine in any dose. Tylenol is a safe medicine when it’s dosed by weight for children, but it’s a common medicine and too much of it can cause long term effects.”

Doctors say even with over the counter drugs, it’s important to use an actual measuring device.

The dosages of prescription and medicines depend on a patient’s weight, so make sure the doctor and pharmacist have updated information about your child’s size.

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