Are you getting the right amount of sleep?

Study: Seven hours are recommended, not eight

Photo courtesy CNN

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – When it comes to having a day off, or if you’re on vacation, there’s a bigger incentive to take that time to sleep in a little longer, but this may actually be more damaging to your health than helpful.

Several sleep studies have found that seven hours a night, not eight, is the optimal amount of sleep. However, anything over that amount is considered “too much” sleep.

Getting too much sleep can lead to several health problems including diabetes and obesity, cardiovascular disease and even higher death rates.

Sleep is connected to metabolic rates, meaning that your metabolism’s speed throughout the day is affected by how you slept the night before.

22News spoke with two sleep specialists in Amherst about what sleeping habits are recommended for adults.

Physician Paul Walting said, “There are many reasons to sleep for an extra amount of time, which might be that some people’s sleep is disrupted so they are trading off quantity of sleep for poor quality of sleep.”

According to Dr. Brian Smith a sleep specialist, “If they’ve addressed a lot of these issues and are still feeling excessively tired during the day, or that they’re waking up a lot at night, and then they really should be seeing a sleep specialist.”

Sleep specialists recommend not drinking caffeine several hours before going to bed, and to not watch television while in bed either.

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