Schemers emailing viruses under disguise of E-ZPass

Schemers are emailing people telling them to make payment on unpaid tolls.

(WWLP) – If you receive an email that appears to be from E-ZPass, you might want to take caution. According to the Better Business Bureau, Schemers are posing as E-ZPass sending people emails with viruses attached.

According to the consumer protection group, the emails will state that you owe money on unpaid tolls and that you have ignored previous bills. They will urge you to pay immediately by downloading an attached “invoice”. That is when unsuspecting people download a virus, giving schemers access to your computer to scan for your banking and other personal information.

You can do four things to spot these phishing emails:

  1. Watch for look alike URLs. (i.e. “”)
  2. Hover over URLs in email to reveal true destination
  3. Do not open attachments from unfamiliar sources
  4. Always confirm an email is real before downloading anything

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