PD: 7 officers needed to subdue man high on LSD

Nathan Olson of Cataumet admitted to using drugs, police say

HADLEY, Mass. (WWLP) – Neither pepper spray nor a police baton were able to control a shoeless man who caused commotions at an Applebees restaurant and a Staples store, Hadley police say. The department posted on their official Facebook page that they called-in officers from Amherst to help them subdue Nathan R. Olson, 27, of Cataumet, who later admitted to being high on LSD. He is now facing charges including assault and battery on a police officer and resisting arrest following the incident Monday.

Hadley police say they were called to Applebee’s on Westgate Center Dr. at around 3:20 P.M. after receiving a call about a disturbance in the restaurant. A store employee told police the man causing the disturbance was last seen walking in circles in the parking lot while shoeless, and yelling at people as they walked by. The employee said the man then walked toward Staples.

There, a store employee said a man with the same description was causing a disturbance in the store. Police went inside, but Olson ignored them and left. After seeing the police cruisers, Hadley police say Olson began yelling at the officers and took a “karate-like fighting stance.” Police used pepper spray on him, but they could not subdue him, and he allegedly charged at them. Olson was knocked to the ground with a baton, but he allegedly kept trying to fight the officers; attempting to bite them several times.

Hadley police called Amherst for backup, and five officers arrived, during which time they were finally able to get Olson in handcuffs. Police say he kept trying to get away, and he tore some of the skin off his bare feet as he tried to force his way up off the ground.

An ambulance was called in to evaluate Olson, as well as to administer a vaccine to an officer hurt in the incident. Olson is scheduled for arraignment Tuesday at Eastern Hampshire District Court in Belchertown.

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