Healthy youthful skin on a budget

Keeping your skin healthy and youthful doesn't have to drain your bank account.

NEW YORK (CNN) – Keeping your skin looking young comes down to 2 things: A healthy lifestyle and a little pampering, pampering that can cost as a little as twenty bucks a month.

With lifestyle do the obvious, don’t smoke and try to stay out of the sun.  Also, eat right.  Foods that seem to help the skin, include salmon and plenty of fruits and vegetables.

Exercise also helps, people who do aerobics of any kind where they actually work up a sweat have very youthful looking skin.

For the price of a week’s worth of lattes you can buy products that will help your skin all month.  First and foremost is sunscreen.  Apply it every morning.

At night, after cleansing your skin, use an exfoliant such as glycolic acid to remove dead skin cells.

With mild exfoliation I think of it like aerobics class for the skin.  You basically get the skin to turn over a little bit faster.

So it looks more youthful.  And then there is the gold standard Retin-A, also used at night.

We’ve known for 20 years that Retin-A specifically is an aggressive fighter of sun damage and aging.

So fight back and go for the glow without breaking the bank.

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