Police officers help put out fire in Springfield

Smoldering cigarette believed to be the cause

SPRINGFIELD, Mass.  (WWLP) – Using equipment that was inside their cruisers, two Springfield police officers are being credited with helping stop a fire at a home in the city’s Forest Park neighborhood.

Dennis Leger, aide to the Springfield fire commissioner, told 22News that a fire was reported at a home at 27 Bronson Terrace around 2:45 Monday morning. A woman who lives in the house had been sleeping and woke up to the sound of a smoke detector. She could see smoke, but couldn’t see the fire.

Two police officers got to the house within a couple of minutes and found a fire in the front exterior of the home. They were able to put it out using small fire extinguishers that they carry in their cars.

According to Leger, fire investigators believe that a person who helps work on the house sat on the steps and dropped a cigarette between the outside and inside wall, which had smoldered there for several hours.

No one was injured, and the woman was able to return to her home.

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