Plane crash investigation

Plane Crash Investigation

(NBC News) With Russian President Vladimir Putin now joining the leaders calling on rebels in Ukraine to grant access to international investigators, there’s hope of progress today, but the question is how much evidence has already been destroyed.

Cranes moved debris from the downed Malaysia Flight 17 as international teams struggled to access the crash site to investigate and recover the victims.

Nearly 200 bodies have been piled into refrigerated boxcars by Pro-Russian rebels, and internationally outrage is growing. “It is an absolutely shambolic situation. It does look more like a garden clean-up than a forensic investigation,” said Australian Prime Minister, Tony Abbott.

In a video statement this morning Russian President Vladimir Putin said the crash should not be used as a political tool.

Secretary of State John Kerry has pointed fingers at Moscow for arming rebels in Ukraine.

He says mounting evidence suggests pro-Russian separatists are responsible for shooting down the plane. “We picked up the imagery of this launch. We know the trajectory. We know where it came from,” said Secretary of State, John Kerry.

Republicans are calling for new sanctions on Russia, criticizing the Obama Administration for not being tough enough. “President Obama is trying to be deliberative. It comes off as indecisive. He’s trying to be thoughtful. It comes off as weakness,” said Senator Lindsey Graham, (R) South Carolina.

Now more than three days after the crash, aviation experts worry the scene has been compromised and critical evidence potentially lost.

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