Family mourns crash victims

Family Mourns Crash Victims

WILLMAR, Minnesota (KARE) As Arjen and Yvonne Ryder traveled through Europe the past few weeks, Arjen’s brother, Drew, of Willmar, Minnesota followed their trip on Facebook.

But Drew didn’t know his family members were flying home to Australia on Thursday until an uncle called him.

“He could hardly speak, as you can imagine,” Drew said. “And he said, ‘Your brother and sister-in-law were on the plane.'”

Drew’s uncle had taken the couple to airport earlier that day.

Drew says they were best remembered by family for their love of their children and five grandkids. He also said they befriended everyone they met.

“They were incredibly outgoing, very adventurous, just wanted to conquer the world as it were,” said Drew. “And Yvonne was the perfect foil, kind of kept him in check. They were just so suited for each other.”

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