A duck’s best friend

duck man

MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota (KARE) Nestled in a warehouse in northeast Minneapolis is Skyline Neon, a gem of a place that houses some of the best neon signs in the country.

But it’s the apprentice of the shop these days that is hogging the spotlight, a four week old duck named “Quackers.”

“This is a normal environment for this duck, it doesn’t know woods and lakes,” Skyline owner and now Quackers dad, Matt Thompson said Friday night.

While it looks a little crazy, the duck doesn’t quite know that home shouldn’t be in a neon workshop warehouse.

“I don’t think it thinks it’s a duck, but don’t tell it that,” Thompson said with a smile.

It all started about a month ago when a public works crew found the day old wood duck struggling in a storm sewer.

They pulled her out just when fate cued on Matt Thompson to walk by.

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