10 days left to get bills signed into law

House and Senate members have until July 31st

BOSTON (WWLP) – The countdown is on. Just ten more days for state lawmakers hammer out their differences and for the Governor to sign bills into law.

It’s officially crunch time for Massachusetts House and Senate members. They have until July 31st to move major pieces of legislation to the Governor’s desk for his signature.

Senator Robert Hedlund, (R) Assistant Minority Leader, told 22News, “Legislators have a tendency to procrastinate, wait until the last minute, and need those deadlines to push them into action.”

Legislation aimed at reducing gun violence in the state is in a six-member conference committee to hammer out differences between the House and the Senate.

The economic development bill that could boost businesses and jobs throughout western Massachusetts is also in committee, and one lawmaker is hopeful it will pass before July 31st.

“I’m always optimistic; the glass is at least half full on this one. I would hope that we would get something to the Governor’s desk,” said Representative Joe Wagner, (D) Chair for the Economic Development Committee.

There are also high-profile bills that haven’t even made it to conference committees. House members plan to tackle a buffer zone workaround bill on Wednesday.

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