Last ride for legendary “Cyclone” coaster

AGAWAM, Mass. (WWLP) – Sunday was the day the Cyclone at Six Flags became history, but not before thousands of visitors took one last ride on the iconic amusement park attraction. 22News found out what the Cyclone has meant to many.

The Cyclone, patterned after the Coney Island roller coaster of the same name, has provided thrills and chills with its ups and downs since 1983 when it became a major attraction at the old Riverside Park. But Sunday marked the end of this era.

Fans would have one final ride for old times sake. That’s how Chris Haskins of Greenfield feels about this day.

Haskins told 22News, “It’s sad, it’s nostalgic. It’s been here, it’s modeled after the Cyclone in New York. I actually got to ride that this year, kind of interesting. This is the last time I’ll get to ride this one.”

They’ll recall the last time they got into the car that took them to the top before that legendary descent at nearly 60 miles per hour, accompanied by their screams of joy.

Among the thrill seekers were what you’d call devoted roller coaster riders like Russ Odana from the eastern Massachusetts town of Dracut.

“I have ridden coasters in 15 different countries around the world in Europe, Australia, Canada, the United States,” said Odana. “It’s an expensive hobby if you really want to get into it, (but) this rates right up there in the top ten.”

Olivia Patterson traveled from Old Saybrook, Connecticut to enjoy the Cyclone one last time. Frankly she’s not happy there won’t be a next time.

Patterson said, “I’ve been coming to Six Flags for a long time and I like the wooden roller coasters, and I was upset. It was one of the last of the wooden roller coasters the park has.”

But everyone 22News spoke with agreed on one point: that for the past 31 years, it’s been quite a ride.

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