5th Annual Indian Day celebrates motorcycles

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – It was a day to start your engines in honor of the 5th annual Indian Day at the Springfield Museums. 22News talked to motorcycle enthusiasts at the rally about the event’s significance.

“It would be like missing your birthday, or Christmas,” said one enthusiast.

That’s how much the 5th annual Indian Day means to motorcycle lovers. It celebrates classic Indian Motocycles that were originally manufactured in Springfield for 50 years since 1901.

The rich history of Indian Motocycles in Springfield is kept alive by showcasing these bikes, and gathering the people who can appreciate the first motorcycle built in America.

Dave Bock of Hardwick told 22News, “Because of that history I feel connected to that because it’s from right around here and it’s where I grew up.”

Some people have family history at the original Springfield factory. They’ve made putting together a bike both a craft and a passion. It took 10 years to collect all the parts to a 1928 Indian 101 Scout, and 2 years to make it. It’s a labor of love that made this process all worth it.

“I love doing the work, I love the salvation of the parts. And then I have a finished assembly and then the joy of riding it. And it is a joy,” said Butch Baer of Monson.

It’s a joy for people to hold onto a part of history. One bike from World War II that made an appearance at the event is one of only 1,000 made.

“It’s kind of an honor to the veterans and the guys that rode them, and just to keep it running, keep it mechanical,” said Robin Markey of Pennsylvania.

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