Family homeless after Longmeadow gas explosion

Crews have been checking gas lines to ensure the problem was strictly to the house

LONGMEADOW, Mass. (WWLP) – A gas explosion at a Longmeadow house left three people homeless on Saturday. 22News was there and spoke with the family who was home during the blast.

A family of three is left to pick up the pieces Saturday night after their home caught fire. David Allgaier, along with his mother and father, were home when the blast went off.

“The whole kitchen was just literally in smoke. There’s a wall between the dining room and the kitchen. That wall was just blown out,” said David Allgaier.

Paul Allgaier was in the kitchen with his wife, who was using the garbage disposal, when the explosion happened just under the kitchen sink, blowing back both her and her husband.

Paul says they are both lucky to only have minor injuries, but for Paul, the explosion wasn’t the scariest part, it was going back inside to see what was left.

“Going back in and taking a look there are some personal things that are charred or lost to water damage.Irreplaceable items of course, family type stuff,” said Paul Allgaier.

The Longmeadow Fire Department says the explosion was most likely gas related. Crews have been here all day checking gas lines, making sure the problem is strictly a problem for the house, and not the entire street.

Longmeadow Fire Chief Eric Madison told 22News neighbors have nothing to worry about. He estimates the damage to the home to cost well over 100-thousand dollars.

“It’s pretty significant. They certainly can’t live in the home at this point,” said Chief Madison.

The Allgaier’s had three pets. Their dog made it out safely, and firefighters gave one of their cats an oxygen mask, and he’s doing ok. The other cat however, has still not been found.

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