Wet weather has impacted this year’s corn crop

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – It’s been a rainy summer so far, and while watering plants are important, too much can ruin certain crops.

The corn crops over in Chicopee soaked up all of June’s rain, but not in a good way. Heavy rainfall can stunt the growth of crops, which is exactly what happened this year throughout western Massachusetts.

Corn crops react differently than other plants to heavy rain and this year’s was so intense, McKinstry Farm couldn’t even pick one of their corn fields.

“We had so much rain this year it just sat in the field and you know it stunted a lot of the corns growth. Those fields there, we won’t even pick this year,” said Bill McKinstry, the President of McKinstry Market and Garden.

He said not to worry too much, the rain does have one benefit. Corn crops will have a longer season in the fall, and should be just as delicious in October. He also said although crops were ruined, prices will stay the same.

Bill McKinstry also told 22News that the only plant that seems to thrive regardless of the amount of rain or sun unfortunately, are weeds.


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