Parents should expect to spend more for school supplies

The cost of technology is also adding to expenses.

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Kids don’t want to hear it, but school supplies are already on store shelves. 22News found out why this year is going to be more expensive to get what they need.

It’s going to cost parents more this year to buy everything their children need for school. The National Retail Federation predicts the average family will spend 669 dollars for their children in grades ranging from Kindergarten through High School. Parents said they found that very expensive.

“Fifty dollars or so I’d say is the norm. They’re pretty young so they don’t need much yet. Backpacks tend to be a little bit more expensive,” Nancy Hicks of South Hadley.

The average family is expected to spend about 100 dollars on just the basics. That includes things like pens and pencils and calculators. And then of course they have to figure in things like binders, book covers, erasers, and that’s when it really starts to add up. School supplies aren’t just your loose leaf paper and pen anymore.

Parents said their kids are learning how to use laptops and tablets, starting in Kindergarten. Many are encouraged to buy those expensive electronics to better prepare their children.

“Technology I think is what is probably the scariest thing. Right now we’re actually doing research on what tablet we’re to get. That’s going to be pretty expensive when we do it,” Jennifer Black of Westhampton told 22News.

Experts also said school budgets are tightening, and that has led to parents buying more of the supplies the schools once provided.

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