Voters could eliminate automatic gas tax

Gas tax was linked to cost of living a year ago

BOSTON (WWLP) – The gas tax is automatically linked to inflation. So when the cost of living goes up, so will driving your car. 22News explains how you can change that.

When you go to vote in November, you’ll have a say in whether the state can automatically raise the gas tax.

A year ago, the Massachusetts House voted to link the gas tax to the cost of living. Those tax dollars go towards the Department of Transportation to fund road projects statewide.

On Thursday, Republican lawmakers gathered on the State House steps to urge voters to eliminate the automatic gas tax hike this November.

“Our message is clear; we don’t need any new taxes, the state’s bringing in record revenue two years in a row now, it’s a combined billion dollars in unanticipated revenue and yet they’re spending it in ways that you know, are really unaccountable,” said State Representative Geoff Diehl.

If voters decide to eliminate the automatic gas tax, state lawmakers would then decide if taxes go up before it comes out of your pocket.

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