The recent rain and your day on the river

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – After several days of steady rain, the waters of local rivers are a little dirty. But what does that mean for people heading out on the water?

Thursday, the Oxbow Marina was bustling with boaters looking to take advantage of the afternoon sun. The Oxbow has a tendency to flood after we get too much rain.

22News storm team meteorologists say the recent rain wasn’t enough to raise the level of any of the big rivers, and Thursday we didn’t see any visible signs of flooding. The rain did, however, stir up silt in the river; making it harder to fish and less pleasant to swim.

Boaters say it will take a day or two without rain form the river to clear up. They told us even when the river does get high, it’s not always a bad thing.

“When the river is high, it’s helpful going through the channels with our boat. But it can’t be too high, because then it’s not fun; it’s dangerous. The current is too strong and there’s a lot of logs floating down,” Marilyn from Chicopee said.

River levels are typically high in the spring, after the winter snowpack thaws and melts. They can also be high in the summer, however, due to prolonged and tropical rains and storms.

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