Mass DOT prepares for I-91 construction

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) It was a headache for drivers.

A massive pothole on I-91 snarled traffic for hours Wednesday night.

Pioneer Valley Planning’s Tim Brennan says it sends a strong message to the state: this highway has to get fixed soon.

“If you watch, there’s constantly crews out there patching it, holding it together, but time will come when there’s just not enough there to hold the deck together,” Brennan said.

It took 11 hours to patch the pothole.

Another temporary fix until the big reconstruction project finally begins on the elevated highway.

The traffic drivers experienced Wednesday night is just a fraction of what traffic will be like for them everyday when real construction finally begins but some drivers say it’ll be worth it in the end.

“It should be worth while in the long run for sure, I know a couple friends of mine who’ve been stranded, got damage from hitting potholes 55-65 miles per hour, it can ruin your day really,” said Chicopee’s Adam Scheuerman.

As some crews patched the pothole, 22News found other Mass DOT workers organizing traffic data collection devices around the city.

The information collected will help them set up effective detours when major construction starts on I-91.

The state’s goal is to have construction begin early next year.

The state’s already gotten environmental clearances.

In order to stay on schedule, they’ve got to put the project out to bid this month or shortly thereafter.

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