Some trees are more susceptible to severe weather

An arborist can evaluate the trees in your yard

BELCHERTOWN, Mass. (WWLP) – Since the beginning of July severe thunderstorms with strong damaging winds have brought down trees across New England and here in western Massachusetts.

“Yes it gets scary sometimes we live in a mountain setting so there are a lot of trees yeah know and it gets a little scary sometimes,” said Carmen McCloskey of Plymouth, Vermont.

There are certain trees that are more likely to come down.

“A lot of the trees that have been falling that I’ve seen personally and on your broadcast are trees that have two leaders and are attached and that have crotch attachments and it’s a common type of failure,” said consulting arborist Charles McCarthy.

Trees with a single stem are less susceptible to severe weather.

And if there is a tree in your yard that you’re concerned about you might want to have a professional look at it before you have it taken down.

An arborist like Charles McCarthy can evaluate the trees in your yard and let you know it there are measures you can take to secure the tree or if you should have it taken down. In some cases adding a cable to a tree can make it safer. 

Spruce trees and maple trees tend do be more susceptible to severe weather.

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