Reporter shot at while covering story

As she filmed the scene, came something she never expected

BECKLEY (WVVA) – A West Virginia journalist found herself in the middle of a shootout, and she got it all on camera.

For WVVA’s multimedia journalist Annie Moore, Monday was another day at work in the Raleigh County newsroom, covering a murder reported at the Willbrian apartment complex.

As she filmed the scene, came something she never expected. Gunfire, so close she felt it fly past her head as she stood behind the camera.

“I was completely focused on getting the shot, so i didn’t even see the car that drove by,” said Moore. “My first thought was oh my goodness, someone shot at me. At that point I just got in the car and ducked for cover.”

What this shooter may not know, is that Annie got it all on camera and police are using that to aid their investigation.

“We do everything we can to try to find the person responsible,” said Lt. D.R. Farley.

“When I saw that video, my heart sank because I saw how close I had come to death,” said Moore.

It’s a startling realization that has changed her in the smallest of ways.

“Part of me today was wondering if he would come back to finish what he started,” said Moore.

Annie assures us this won’t hold her down though. She refuses to take a break from work, saying it keeps her mind off the events of that day. Now, she’s just hoping for a quick arrest.

“To me it would mean walking the streets and not having to look over my shoulder. It would mean locking my door at night and that being the end of it. And right now– it doesn’t feel that way,” said Moore.

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