Lethal injection problems

lethal injection

(WSLS) Wlliam Morva is on death row after being convicted of killing a hospital security guard and a Montgomery County Sheriff’s Deputy in August 2006.

Now the question for Morva and the seven other death row inmates in Virginia is how they will be executed. It’s usually done through lethal injection, but getting the drugs needed is becoming a big problem.

A three drug cocktail is used consisting of a sedative, paralytic and a heart stopping drug.

The two sedative drugs traditionally used, Pentobarbital and Thiopental Sodium, are now nearly impossible to come by as manufacturers worldwide have refused to sell drugs used for capital punishment.

The Commonwealth’s solution is to use Midazolam as its sedative.

It’s the same drug used during a January execution in Ohio where it took the inmate 24 minutes to die, raising concerns of cruel and unusual punishment.

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