Keeping Kids Safe on Family Vacations

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal) – Family vacations are great opportunities to make lasting memories and bring the whole family closer together. But you want to be prepared when traveling with children to make sure they’re safe and protected during your trip. Jeff Londraville, Author of “The Filter,” and recently featured as a teen expert in a new book called “The Expert Guide to Teenagers,” shared tips to keep your family safe!

Keeping Kids Safe on Family Vacations
1. Practice looking for other moms and dads with kids in tow who they could ask for help in case they get lost.

2. Role Play–to reinforce who are the best people to ask for help You can also teach your child to recognize uniforms and name badges (Life Guards, Policemen)

3. A great game on the way out the door is “What Am I Wearing” . Tell your child or children to look at you to see what you are wearing then have them close their eyes and see if they can remember.

4. Dress your kids in bright tops if possible and try to avoid having your children wear clothes that have their name on it. Children may trust the wrong person that calls out their name. And the will completely forget that the name is on their clothing.

5. If you can put your business card in their back pack or pockets with of course your cell number.

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