Comcast ‘embarrassed’ by customer service rep

Comcast Cable installation trucks are seen parked at the Comcast facility in Sellersville, Pa., Thursday, Dec. 20, 2001. The Pennsylvania-based Comcast Corp. reached a $47 billion deal to merge cable television operations with AT&T's Broadband creating a cable behemoth that will have more than 22 million customers.(AP Photo/Chris Gardner)

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Cable and Internet giant Comcast is apologizing after a tech-savvy California customer posted eight minutes of telephone conversation online in which he tried repeatedly to get a customer service representative to disconnect his service.

The customer, Ryan Block, succeeds in getting the unidentified Comcast rep to agree to disconnect his service, but only after the rep repeatedly asks Block for a reason. At one point, Block says, “I can guarantee right now that you are doing an incredibly good job of helping your company be worse.”

Listen to the recording

Philadelphia-based Comcast said Tuesday the employee’s behavior is unacceptable and the company is “embarrassed” by it. Comcast said it would contact Block to apologize.

Block, who says he is a vice president for AOL, said he expects to talk to Comcast personnel.

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