Chef Secrets: Chocolate Sauce for Ice Cream!

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal) – Everyone loves getting soft-serve ice cream in the summer, but do you know the secrets to making your own chocolate shell? Personal Chef Bill Collins from shared his Chef Secrets on creating the perfect chocolate sauce!

Chocolate Sauce for Ice Cream!

It’s very simple: just melt chocolate and butter together. Then let if cool way down, but not so cool that it hardens on it’s own.
The key is for it to still be barely warm, approximately 85º, or just kind of warm when you put a bit just above your lip.
If it’s too warm, it’ll melt the ice cream and won’t harden
Once it hits the cold ice cream, it’ll cool down enough to harden.
If you do this with a homemade ice cream cone, then be careful dipping it onto the chocolate:

  • Use a fork to keep the ice cream on the cone when you tip it upside down, or on its side
  • If you do this without a cone, and just use a dish, then spoon a thin layer of chocolate onto the ice cream

I’ll demonstrate scooping the ice cream, and using a cone, as well as a dish. And I’ll also show how easy it is to make the sauce
If there are any leftovers, it can be refrigerated, and melted again for future ice cream fun!

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