New round of severe weather possible through Wednesday

Flooding and damaging winds are the most likely threats this week.

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Another week, another chance for severe thunderstorms.

Our severe weather season runs from June to August, but this year we didn’t see the active weather begin until the start of July, and people have noticed.

“There’s been a big increase and every time it rains it gets windy and it pours and yes it’s been quite a weather change in July,” said Mary Ann Mcdonald from Springfield.

Since the June first tornado three years ago, a lot of us are more apprehensive about severe weather than we used to be.

“Whenever there’s a rainstorm it’s intense and it’s something to note that I didn’t used to note years ago,” said Nancy Francisco from Springfield.

Luckily, Sunday night’s downpours didn’t bring much damage to western Massachusetts, but they provided a preview of what we can expect through Wednesday.

While flash flooding is possible with these very wet storms, there are other, bigger threats.

While hail can occur in any tall thunderstorm, wind damage is perhaps our greatest threat in western Massachusetts, especially with the abundance of trees that we have that could fall down.

This latest severe weather threat comes from a few factors; increased humidity, strong winds higher up in the atmosphere, warm temperatures on the ground with cooler air above as well as changing wind speed and direction with height. This is a pattern that could be with us through Wednesday.

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