Illegal immigration affects western Massachusetts

More than one hundred undocumented immigrants are held in eastern Massachusetts detention facilities

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The recent surge of undocumented immigrants crossing from Mexico into Texas has overwhelmed southern states, as well as Massachusetts.

More than one hundred undocumented immigrants are currently being held in eastern Massachusetts detention facilities. Some western Massachusetts residents told 22News that they are shocked by this number.

“I’m concerned for the welfare of the immigrants themselves, it’s an unfortunate situation,” says Michael Marcille of West Springfield. “But I’m also concerned for the strain on the resources.”

This incident also puts a burden on people who came to the United States legally.

“When I came to this country twenty seven years ago, I came with documents and I waited for a decision from Russia authority for eight years,” says Katya Rosenzweig, and immigrant from Russia.

Rosenzweig blames the federal government for failing to resolve the border crisis before it became a national disaster, saying that the process is getting out of control.

An immigration and customs enforcement spokesman admitted to sending four flights of undocumented aliens to Logan airport in April. Some were given asylum in Massachusetts. Local jails and detention facilities on the eastern part of the state are already having to deal with influx of immigrants, but western Massachusetts residents say it’s not just the fact that they would be staying in local jails that would bother them.

“I think they should be deported,” John Russell of Agawam told 22News.

Local and federal officials continue to scramble for solutions as more immigrants cross the border each day.

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