The dangers of keeping dogs chained up in the summer

Massachusetts law says that a dog can be chained up for a maximum of 24 hours

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Any dog can be a victim to being chained during the hot summer months. These dogs are tethered to posts and fences for days, even weeks, without adequate food or water.

Chained dogs are nearly three times more likely to bite, because they can’t run away from someone out of defense. 

A Massachusetts law says that you can chain your dog for a maximum of 24 hours, but many activists say that this act is simply unacceptable. 

“I think that there’s a lot of ignorance… I think that people don’t get it. I think it’s an old way in America just to put them on a chain and leave them outside,” said activist Marilyn Horton. 

Activists are protesting this inhumane behavior all over the country this summer by tethering themselves for hours.

A representative from Dogs Deserve Better says dog owners need to consider the danger they are putting their dogs in when it they leave them outside during hot afternoons and summer vacations.

“They’re family members… they’re pack animals. They wanna be with you. While they’re outside they’re staring at your door waiting for you to come and bring them in.” said Robin Budin of Dogs Deserve Better.

Some dog owners told 22News that they agree with this protest. 

“I think it’s wonderful. I love dogs, I’m a dog lover and I walk my dog at least twice a day. I’m all about dog freedom, that’s for sure,” said Jay Mustain of Longmeadow. 

Budin suggests house training your dog so your furry best friend can roam freely and safe.

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