New information in Google executive’s overdose death

NEW YORK (CNN) – More details emerge in the death of a Georgia Google executive.  The prostitute he was with is getting another look by investigators.

When Dean Riopelle died from a heroin overdose last September it appeared to be a tragic accident, his girlfriend made the call to 911.

That was the story from Alix Tichelman and the case was closed.  Until police in California announced this week that the model turned prostitute had been arrested in connection with the death of Google executive Forrest Hayes, a 51 year old father of 5.

Police say he too died of a lethal amount of heroin that they believe was given to him by the 26 year old Tichelman.

Georgia authorities re-opened the Riopelle case because the circumstances were too similar to ignore.

The similarities are the death of the two men by heroin overdose and the common denominator being Ms. Telichman.

In both cases, the individuals seem to have died of an overdose in what appears to be their first time in using heroin.

Alan Vine told CNN’s Erin Burnett he was a friend of dean Riopelle, “Back when me and dean used to play music together, I used to smoke weed and I used to party a little bit and he was always saying, dude, that’s not the way to go.”

Vine says he was shocked to learn of the heroin overdose, given Riopelle’s lifestyle.

“You need to do right, be health conscious. It’s not the way to go, and he always preached that to me. And when I heard he died of a heroin overdose I was immediately, no freakin’ way,” Vine continued.

Tichelman moved to California, working as a prostitute, she surfaced in Santa Cruz.

In November she joined Hayes on his yacht, investigators say surveillance cameras showed Tichelman doing absolutely nothing to help the distressed Hayes after injecting him with the heroin.

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