Rules for Taking Selfies

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal) –  These days everyone is taking selfies, but while it can be fun to take a photo, it can also easily cross the line to being inappropriate. Tech expert David Ryan Polgar, from, shared the rules for taking selfies!

Don’t take a selfie with a tiger!
This should really go without saying, but alas, there are some many people taking seflies with tigers, usually for dating websites. The situation has gotten so out of hand that New York recently passed a bill to make the practice illegal. I guess a lot of people saw the movie The Hangover.

Selfies are not appropriate at funerals
We each grieve differently, but nobody should be whipping out their iPhone during a funeral. The popular Tumblr account, Selfies at Funerals, decided to retire after President Obama took a widely discussed selfie with the prime ministers of Denmark and England at the funeral for Nelson Mandela.

Similar to funerals, selfies go bad when they are taken at somber grounds-such as the controversy surrounding selfies at Auschwitz:

When a building is on fire, it’s not time for a photo!
Sure, this may decrease those receiving a Darwin Award. However, it is highly recommend that during emergency situations, such as a building on fire or a plane malfunction, to put away your phone.

Go for sexy, not eww
Many of us like to give a pout, or duck lips, during a seflie to try and look sexy. It is over the line, however, when you suggestive selfies are taken in the presence of children…


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