Prevent storm damage from happening

Check your trees for insects, dead branches

EAST LONGMEADOW, Mass. (WWLP) – Several nights of severe thunderstorms came through Western Mass causing damage to power lines, cars, and homes, but there are ways you can protect your home from the next round of storms.

22News spoke with tree trimming experts Friday, who said that now is the time to survey your yard for over-hanging tree limbs, and for old or rotting trees, which are more susceptible to fall and break when strong winds come through.

Don Derosia from Derosia and Son Tree Service says that you should look around the base of the trees in your yard. If you see a powdery dust substance, that’s a sign that insects are eating the inside of the tree; weakening it.

He also said to look out for multi-stem trees. They have a seam in them that grows deeper over time; causing a weak spot on one side.

There are other signs that you can look for to see whether your tree is dying. “Look for dried-out limbs in the tops of the trees. One side may dry out more than the other. If it’s a multi stem tree, you can notice that its dying from the top down,” Derosia said.

Derosia reminds homeowners that that the trees around your home require upkeep, just like your car requires maintenance. It’s also a good idea to check your homeowner’s policy. You could save your self money by knowing what your policy covers before you have a problem with a broken or fallen tree.

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