Obama border crisis request seen as “too much”

Republicans demanding the law be repealed

NEW YORK (NBC News) – President Obama’s plan to end the immigration crisis is facing a major roadblocks in Congress.

Republicans have said his request for $3.7-billion in emergency funds is “too much”.

Another issue is hearings: Should every one of the children flooding in from Central America get their day in court or be sent straight home?

The often lengthy hearing process that Central Americans are entitled to is a result of a 2008 law. Many never show up and stay in the United States.

Republicans like John McCain are demanding the law be repealed and the kids sent home to send a message.

“The only way that this is going to stop is if plane loads of children arrive back in the countries in Central America that they came from and their parents see the $3, 4-5-6-7,000 that they’ve paid to the human traffickers is wasted,” McCain says.

Many Democrats reject that, passionately.

They say individual hearings ensure that children in danger back home can stay in the United States.

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