Vandals slashed tires on several cars in Springfield

Cars targeted on Fort Pleasant Avenue and Leete Street

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Springfield Police detectives are looking for two people believed to be responsible for slashing tires on parked cars on a whole section of Fort Pleasant Avenue in Springfield’s Forest Park neighborhood early Thursday morning. 22News Reporter Kait Walsh drove around the city and found nearly a dozen cars with slashed tires.

fort pleasant tire slashing Springfield Police Lieutenant Trent Hufnagel told 22News at least ten cars parked along Fort Pleasant Avenue had slashed tires.

Celiness Colon lives on Fort Pleasant. Her car and her brother’s cars were parked on Leete Street, near its intersection with Fort Pleasant Ave. She said her insurance won’t pay for new tires.

“It’s expensive we gotta deal with all of this and now we got a rental. Gotta come up with the money too for flat tires. We missed work, she missed work. I missed my work so we gotta all take care of this and they can’t do nothing,” said Colon.

Her brother, Israel, was visiting her from New York. He said he was in Springfield to also buy a car. That new car and his rental car both had slashed tires. He had to pay for them to be towed and new tires. He said he didn’t see anyone outside by his new car or his rental car.

“I wish I did to find out who did it, but you know, nobody’s going to be brave enough to say, ‘I’m the one who popped the tires,’ and now I got to go back to New York and deal with it,” Israel Colon said.

Residents said this wasn’t the first time they’ve woken up to several cars lined up along Fort Pleasant Avenue with slashed tires. For many people living in the city, they have no choice but to park along this street overnight and just hope for the best.

Across Springfield on Patton Street in the North End there was more vandalism. Springfield Fire Spokesman Dennis Leger told 22News someone slashed the tires and keyed the side of a car before setting it on fire around 5 AM on Thursday. When 22News got there just before 9AM, a resident was reporting to police his truck was also vandalized.

“Two tires and the windshield,” the resident, Pedro Rosario, said. He said his neighbors have been reporting the street light not working for a month. He said police thought that might have enticed vandals to the street.

At both locations, there were signs on apartment buildings saying police took notice of the area.

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